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Child Development Resource Center

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QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System):Tier 3

This program has taken intentional steps to improve quality through these efforts:

  • Developed a written philosophy that defines its values, beliefs, and goals for children and families including guidelines for adult child interactions
  • Maintains an accessible, organized, child-friendly indoor physical environment
  • Adheres to a planned curriculum of daily activities and routines that support children’s learning and development
  • Performs annual screenings on each child
  • Creates consistency of care by employing a teacher who is with the children the majority of the day
  • Offers instruction to children on healthy eating, fitness and toileting practices
  • Developed a written policy on screen time and does not allow screen time for children under 2
  • Employs a leader/director with a certificate in the field or equivalent training in early learning and development
  • Employs a majority of staff members who have significant training in early learning, including training ethics and professional responsibility
  • Supports continued professional development and training for staff
  • Maintains a proven level of high satisfaction from and engagement with families
  • Regularly evaluates staff on adult-child interactions, family partnerships and ethical practices
  • Conducts an annual program evaluation
  • Operates in accordance with sustainable business practices that support quality care