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QRIS (Quality Rating and Improvement System):Tier 4

This rating indicates that a program has met all the requirements for Level 3, PLUS:

  • Explicitly ensures the inclusion of all children through its program philosophy
  • Provides shelves or containers that are labeled in the home language for all children in the program
  • Provides gross motor equipment for play
  • Promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion through its instructional materials
  • Incorporates tools to individualize teaching strategies for each child
  • Provides children with daily whole group activities
  • Conducts child developmental assessments at least twice during the year
  • Exceeds minimum licensing standards in its child-staff ratios
  • Develops written guidelines for adult-child interactions that support children’s learning, language and concept development
  • Improves children's social skills through direct instruction and support
  • Learns about child and family needs, interests, and traditions
  • Employs a leader/director with an associate degree in the field or equivalent training
  • Employs a majority of staff members who hold a certificate in the field or equivalent training in early learning and development
  • Adheres to a strict policy regarding issues of confidentiality
  • Has a business plan in place
  • Requires staff to complete regular self-assessments on their professional performance