Local CPR + First Aid Classes

Health and Safety Trainer List

Please note: These are not recommendations, this is merely a list of training centers in our area. Please be sure that any course you take is EMSA certified and meets the current licensing requirements.  Printable Health and Safety Trainer List viewable here.

Partial reimbursement for the successful completion of an approved Preventative Health and Safety class and/or Pediatric CPR/First Aid class may be available. Apply here: English | Spanish

EMSA Approved CPR Classes

Bilingual Training Centers

Child Development Resource Center, 831-466-5820, cdrc@santacruzcoe.org

Claudia Leon, 831-331-6113, claudialeoncpr@gmail.com Alma Diaz, 408-500-8156, alma.diaz63@icloud.com Cecilia Rocha, 831-588-8261, CeciliaRocha06@yahoo.com Maria Marin, 831-254-4364, mariamarin451@yahoo.com Thomas Canales, CPR TEC Safety, 323-400-7729, (virtual)

Aprobado por EMSA en Español

RCP/Primeros Auxilios

Veronica Diaz, 831-722-1815, diazdaycare@yahoo.com

Celina Chavez, 831-761-2256, celina226@hotmail.com

EMSA Approved CPR Classes

English-Only Training Centers

Cyndi Lee Chao, 831-524-0462, cyndileetr@gmail.com

KISMET/Kellie Allyn, 1-800-643-3931, kelallyn@aol.com Adams Safety Training, 925-371-8435

EMSA Approved Preventative Health Classes/Salud Preventiva

Alma Diaz, 408-500-8156, alma.diaz63@icloud.com (Bilingual)

Cyndi Lee Chao, 831-524-0462, cyndileetr@gmail.com Thomas Canales, CPR TEC Safety, 323-400-7729 (virtual training only) (Bilingual) Adams Safety Training, 925-371-8435 Cabrillo College ECE 59 (Health, Safety and Nutrition in the Child Care Setting)